Highlights of Past Events

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Highlights of Past Events

..Thank you to everyone for the enthusiastic participation and support in our recent events. Here is a recap of some of the exciting activities we've hosted recently. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and relive these wonderful moments together!


 Date Theme  Announcement
2023/3/28 Easter Holiday Sale
2023/5/9 Mother's Day Sale
2023/5/29 Memorial Day Sale

Father's Day  Giveaway

2023/6/14 Father's Day Sale
2023/7/1 Independence Day Giveaway
2023/7/3 Independence Day Sale
2023/7/4 New Arrival Special Offer
2023/7/28 Summer Sale
2023/10/21 Halloween Sale
2023/10/24 Halloween Giveaway
2023/11/6 Black Friday Giveaway
2023/11/7 Black Friday Sale
2023/11/28 Cyber Week Sale
2023/12/11 Christmas Sales
2023/12/11 Christmas Giveaway
2023/12/13 Christmas Sales
2024/2/3 Valentine's Day Sales
2024/2/1 Valentine's Day Sales
2024/2/20 Presidents's Day Sales
2024/3/5 St. Patrick's Day Sales
2024/3/23 Easter Day Sales
2024/3/23 Easter Day Sales
2024/4/11 Spring Sales
2024/4/30 Mother's Day Sales
2024/5/10 Mother's Day Sales
... ... ..




We extend our heartfelt thanks to every participant, supporter, and contributor who has been a part of this incredible journey. Looking ahead, we're excited to continue creating experiences that resonate and linger, turning each event into a cherished chapter in the book of our collective memories.


Soka Home Team