Why Modular Sofas are the Future of Home Furnishings

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Why Modular Sofas are the Future of Home Furnishings

The sofa is the smallest unit of a "home", where we spend most of our leisure time watching TV, reading, napping, socializing, and dining. In the past three years, the home life affected by the epidemic has brought back the 1970s "modular sofa" that was once popular. Modular design makes the shape of the sofa more flexible, free, and changeable. It can be extended into a seat suitable for family gatherings, or divided into separate and exclusive corners. Like a game of Russian cubes, it increases the possibility of living room layout and allows us to achieve the freedom of lying flat wherever we go at home. Today, let's explore the charm of the modular sofa's comeback and the home aesthetics that prioritize comfort and relaxation.

Changing the Heavy Genes of Sofas with Flexible Modules

The modular sofa is a crucial chapter in modern furniture design: the post-World War II modernist wave meant that young designers always had "no adventure, no creation" ideas. Harvey Probber, the "father of modular sofas," is an excellent representative of this. In the midst of the rationality and order pursued by the Bauhaus at that time, Harvey focused on how to use traditional "static objects" like furniture to reflect a lifestyle full of changes.

Stretching and Stacking: From 1 to Infinite Pleasure

The softness of modular sofas makes people comfortable lying down, while the detachable modules arranged in a variety of combinations allow lazy people to "Ge You-style lie down" in different ways. This was already thought of by designer Bernard Govin in 1966 when he described his lazy student days: "Even if there was a seat, I would lie lazily on the floor." The modular sofa can be said to be the most unconventional "alien" in the world of sofas, breaking the heaviness of traditional sofas. At the same time, it also changes people's imagination of the traditional sofa usage scenarios.

As home office gradually becomes a common practice, modular sofas have caught the attention of social media experts who work in fashion and art design fields and require more flexible, mobile sofas to meet different scene demands in the living room where leisure, office, and social functions are integrated.

The Transformation of Sofas: Choosing the Most Suitable Modular Sofa for You

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