Soka Home Freedom Sofa: Make Customer's Home More Creative & Flexible

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Soka Home Freedom Sofa: Make Customer's Home More Creative & Flexible

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April 26, 2023

California-based affordable luxury furniture brand, Soka Home, announces the launch of a new sofa collection: Freedom, adaptable to different room sizes and making home more creative. Let's invest and explore Freedom today.

Struggled to get a suitable sofa for the house? Or having trouble sharing one sofa with other family members constantly? Don't worry. Freedom sofa can fix it easily.

The flexible modular design of Freedom makes it adaptable to different room sizes. From loveseat to sectional with chaise or even double-sided sectional, Freedom can satisfy customer's needs. With creative combinations, it provides a versatile and diverse lifestyle that is suitable for both daily living and social gathering.

Moreover, the double-sided design offers ample space for both kids and adults. While the little ones play and dance on one side, the adults can enjoy their favorite T.V. shows or simply stretch out and relax on the other. This versatile sofa promotes creativity and encourages family harmony, making it an ideal choice for families of all sizes. Invest in the Freedom Sofa today and experience the ultimate comfort and functionality for home.

Made to Last

The sturdy construction with a high-quality pine wood frame, bold spring, and strong elastic band make it a long-lasting investment, ensuring that people can enjoy this sofa for years.

Unbelievably Comfortable

45HD foam and soft cotton as the filling of the Freedom sofa make it bouncy enough to support your body, meanwhile bringing customers a fluffy soft sitting experience. To make it more comfortable, Soka Home designer team has sourced natural linen for Freedom covering. As a natural fiber, linen is breathable, pliable, soft, and skin-friendly, which is timeless and always in season.

Extraordinarily Convenient

Thoughtfully designed with easy-clean removable linen covers, this modern seating collection is life-proof. When customers are tired of the same old one. Order a new set of sofa covers, then they will have a brand-new sofa.

Considerable Size

A combination of the deep seat and considerable backrest allows customers to relax and unwind after a long day. With the high armrest and low armrest combination, customers can also choose the best height they need. Freedom sofa always provides a comfortable space for sitting, lying, reclining and sleeping.

Easy & Funny Assembly

D.I.Y. a unique sectional in a Click. Enjoy the fun of assembling the Freedom sofa with family & friends, like piecing a puzzle together.

About Soka Home

Soka Home is more than just a furniture brand - It's a passion project that grew from a deep love of design and a commitment to creating high-quality, beautifully crafted pieces that make our homes inviting, warm, and stylish. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful and comfortable space. This is the reason why we created Soka Home. Our aim is to connect people and spaces through exceptional design. Therefore we partner with direct manufacturers globally to provide our customers with modern, high-quality furniture at exceptionally fair prices.