Military Discount

Oct 11, 2023
4-minute read

Military Discount & Appreciation

At Soka Home, to show our appreciation for the contributions of military personnel, we are pleased to offer an exclusive military discount.

Who could benefit from this program?

This special offer is available to active and reservist military, veterans, military retirees, military spouses, and registered dependents.

How to enjoy this discount? Is it complicated?

It’s really simple and easy to get this exclusive discount by following 2 steps:

  • 1.Verification:

          Send an email to with your full name and a copy of a valid military relevant document for the verification.

  • 2.Confirmation:

          Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email along with the coupon  code.

Can I reuse this coupon at SOKA HOME?

Sorry but no, the coupon is for one-time use only, applicable to any orders.
We honor those who serve for United States, and we hope every of them sharing the fair opportunity to enjoy the discounts.

Do I have only one chance to benefit from this program?

Proudly not, you can obtain a new code every 90 days. After that, simply re-verify your military status to receive a new coupon code.

Where could I find the expiration date of the coupon?

The expiration date would be clearly stated in the email you receive. Please ensure to use the discount before it expires.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

At SokaHome, we respect your privacy. Rest assured that we will neither sell nor share your information to the third parties. The info and document you provide are used to verify your military status ONLY, ensuring your eligibility for the exclusive discount. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our friendly customer support team.

  • Phone call: +1 (213)4423284
  • Email reach:
  • Online chat: CLICK HERE TO CHAT